Rasoul DanialZadeh

Rasul Daniyalzadeh was born on May 4, 1338 in Tehran. He has 1 sister and 5 brothers. From a young age, he started working in the steel industry along with his studies and became one of the biggest entrepreneurs and industrialists in Iran with his hard work and perseverance. He has three children with higher education.

Persistence in business and trade pushed Rasul Daniyalzadeh to production activities, so that at the same teenage age, he built an industrial workshop in the field of construction profiles in the vicinity of Abali city and entered the field of steel products production by employing 80 people. After many years of effort and study, he started to develop this business and established major factories in the field of producing galvanized pipes, profiles and sections, as well as producing various types of galvanized and colored sheets in Semnan and became one of the largest producers in this industry. to be

Gilan Steel Complex

It has the potential to create a large industrial group as a suitable place and create employment and entrepreneurship in the country
The first and largest STEEL Rolling Mill in the country
The galvanized sheet production line has been built on a 6-hectare land with an infrastructure of 240,000 square meters for production halls in the industrial city of Rasht. This factory has the ability to produce 180,000 tons of galvanized sheet products per year in accordance with international standards and markets its products

Kavian Steel Co.

Kavian Steel Company is able to produce and supply the industrial needs of our esteemed customers according to global standards in the shortest possible time
Thick Steel Sheet and Narrow SLAB
Kavian Steel Company is one of the great industrial projects, it is the first producer of thick steel sheets in the country and now it is on the verge of entering the fourth decade of presence in the field of economy and work.

Daniel Steel Co.

This factory is the first set of production of galvanized sheets in the form of Continuous Hot Deep Galvanizing in high thicknesses with a nominal capacity of 390 thousand tons per year.
The Oldest Steel Distribution Companies in IRAN
The diversity of the company’s resources with the cooperation of foreign offices has allowed Daniel Steel to provide immediate supply of all types of steel with competitive prices and guaranteed quality.

Sanat Metal Co.

Sed rhoncus velit mauris, blandit aliquet eros interdum quis. Nullam a est ut augue volutpat varius sadips ipsums et dolores. Production of all kinds of INDUSTRIAL PARTS.. With more than a quarter of a century of experience in the field of importing, supplying and equipping power plant, petrochemical, dam building and industrial projects, Sanat Metal is a suitable platform by using all internal and external facilities

Entrepreneur and large producer of steel products, chairman of the board of directors, CEO and owner of Gilan steel complex, owner of Semnan rolling and pipe companies and Daniel Steel and major shareholder of Kavian steel company.